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This is an attempt to collect a debt from a debt collector.
Any information obtained will be used for this purpose.
If you are using your Health Spending card, please call our office during regular business hours (8am to 5pm EST).

Technical Data

Interface Capabilities

  • Interface capability with most hospital systems
  • Global Predictive Dialer
  • Client Access Portal
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Document Imaging
  • Voice Recording

Collection Management System

RGL’s collection management system is the CUBS System.

The CUBS system is currently in use by over 200 agencies and departments.  Our online access allows you to view and print real-time statistical performance reports, and view account information.  Additionally, it is a great tool for auditing, enabling you to perform remote audits 24/7/365.

Our system provides the collector with account scoring (propensity to pay), automated follow-up, including reminder and default letters, collector queuing, on-line notes, collection letters generated after case-by-case review, payment history, on-line credit bureau access, on-line skip trace information, remote client notes,  management review, and many other features. From a management perspective, the system monitors collection by the time of day, provides a huge assortment of reports, permits legal follow-up, case load distribution, and menu driven queue sorts and prioritization, along with management review and intervention.

Our system integrates specific vendors for insurance eligibility, skip tracing, and account scoring:

  • Insurance eligibility: Emdeon
  • Skiptracing: Accurint & Interactive data
  • Account Scoring: CUBS