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Data Security

Security is a primary focus at RGL and is part of our core culture, whether physical, network, or data security.  RGL maintains security on all data, including backup systems in the event of system failure due to natural disaster or otherwise.  Our physical facility is protected by coded and keyed entry locks, not only on all external exit / entrances, but between all departments and on all offices internally, as well.  We are the only tenant in our building so there is no internal network sharing or shared physical security codes.

Safeguarding confidential information is not new to us.  Our extensive and ongoing employee training programs stress the importance of maintaining confidentiality.  All of our employees sign a confidentiality agreement which emphasizes the need to safeguard information entrusted to us. Violation of our confidentiality policies can lead to termination of employment.


HIPAA and good business practices require healthcare providers and their business partners to protect confidential patient information from eavesdropping or tampering during electronic transmission.  By implementing a Virtual Private Network (VPN), we have established private, secure communications across the Internet enabling us to extend our corporate network to remote offices, telecommuters, and partners (clients).  Encryption technology, which uses advanced mathematical algorithms to “scramble” messages and their attachments, ensures that messages traveling across our VPN to our FTP site cannot be intercepted or read by anyone other than the authorized recipient.  Our SonicWall 2040 Firewall/Router provides this security.  Additionally, the office and computer areas of our building are secure, and access is strictly controlled and monitored.